Patient Voices

Muskoka Community Health Hubs


Patients of Muskoka Community Health Hubs share stories of how the care they received has impacted their lives. Interviews were conducted in November 2017 to accompany the Final Evaluation and Sustainability Report.

Adam Saunders

Adam’s story illustrates the role that community-based care can play in saving lives. Working in rural, isolated areas comes with increased risk for those in the construction and other industries. Having health care close by can mean the difference between life and death.

Craig Taylor

Craig was able to access thorough assessment, diagnosis, and care at the Port Carling Health Hub, leading to life-affirming results. Quality of life matters at every age, despite complex health challenges. Having access to the correct diagnosis, management and support can be life changing.

Pat Williams

Pat’s story emphasizes the importance of compassionate, community-based palliative care. Muskoka has a single six-bed hospice 56 kilometres from Pat’s house—a 45 minute drive in good weather. House calls and community support services are a vital component of equitable health care in rural Ontario.

Sahanatien Family

Five generations of Wahta Mohawk women are able to access culturally-appropriate care at the Wahta Health Hub, which provides care for First Nations people as well as other residents. The Wahta Health Department and the District Municipality of Muskoka work together with the Health Hub to offer a unique and successful model of care supporting a healthy and integrated community.