About Us

Cottage Country Family Health Team is an organization with a staff of interdisciplinary health care providers offering programs and services to affiliated primary care providers.

Mission Statement

We are partners with patients in the delivery of care. Our team is responsive to the specific needs of the communities we serve in an environment conducive to Continuous Quality Improvement, Teamwork and the Highest Standards of Practice in promotion of Health and Wellness.

Vision Statement

We are recognized for being a responsive and innovative Family Health Team, with our commitment in providing the highest level of care through collaborative relationships with patients, families, employees and other Health Care Providers.

Operating Philosophy

Our philosophy focuses on providing patient care through a team approach. The team becomes a partner with the patient in the delivery of care. We have a responsibility to do what is right for each patient in terms of the quality of care we provide, as well as the manner and environment in which we provide it. At all times, we will be respectful of the patients and of one another. We will maintain an atmosphere that promotes dignity and pride.

Values and Guiding Principles


Respect: We value and respect the individuality of each person affiliated with our organization. We will exhibit sincerity, fairness and honesty in our relationships. We will be loyal and true to others in their absence and utilize our “Statement of Values and Principles” as a guide towards harmonious and trusting relationships.


Environment: We value individual growth and a safe supportive environment. We will continue to create a safe, secure environment that supports equal growth opportunities for patients and staff.


Service: We value patient satisfaction and quality outcomes. We will continually provide enhanced quality service and meet the needs of the people we serve. We will continually strive for excellence in our individual and collective endeavors. We will maximize the use of our resources to provide optimal benefits for patients in the communities we serve.


Positive Attitudes: We value a positive work life and optimistic attitudes. We will interact appropriately with others and throughout all our activities to obtain positive outcomes.


Enhancement: We value the enhancement of knowledge, skill level, communication and the ability to take part in the decision-making process of the organization. We will continue to communicate effectively and maintain our status as a learning organization providing education based on the needs of the patients and staff. We will maintain a supportive workplace that enables decisions to be made by the patients and frontline personnel whenever possible.


Community: We value the contributions and support of all stakeholders. We will continue to maintain a partnership and encourage ongoing involvement with our community, patients and volunteers. We recognize our community partners for their contributions and ongoing support.


Team Spirit: We value the spirit of teamwork. We will work cooperatively, in a compassionate and discreet manner. We will listen, encourage input from others, and always treat their ideas with respect. We will continue to encourage creativity, recognize and celebrate our successes.